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How many seconds does it take to make a first impression? We try not to judge people; we hope they don’t judge us but research tells us that people form an opinion about you within the first 7 seconds. 

Photographs tell stories and leave a lasting impression. They help us remember things, moments, and people. What does your profile image say about you? What do you want it to say? You have a choice!


Corporate Headshots


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Branding Sessions

You are a brand. You sell yourself and promote your business. Unless you are a celebrity, you are your own marketing specialist. One element of any marketing strategy includes the online presence. Your image is an important asset that should not be overlooked. Therefore, you need a good headshot. You need an image that says you are confident yet approachable.


Some people love to have their photo taken but they are the minority. Models make a living knowing how their face looks. Most of us do not practice that skill, we need help. We need someone to help us relax and forget that we are looking down the barrel of a camera. That’s what I do. I am your mirror. I direct you and help you to forget about the camera. 


Business Headshots

I am one of the majority of people who are not natural in front of a camera. I have struggled with it for as long as I can remember and became a photographer to help people like me. It is my job to coach you and capture the best representation of you. I have been studying the art of photography for over 10 years and nothing makes me happier than capturing an image that my customer loves.